DISADAPTIVE is a powerful old school death metal with melodic thrash-metal elements. Brutality and rush of AUTOPSY and BOLT THROWER, technical heaviness and straight of DEATH and CANCER. Sound of DISADAPTIVE is a mixing of Swedish and American styles of death metal, which is breaking down with tight guitars, impetuous temp and unexpectable composition decisions.

The ideas in the lyrics were very different: the usual gloomy images of death and dying, which are the main ingredient in the lyrics of any death metal band ("The Beauty of Being Dead", "With Worms to Feast"), literary references to the novel by Frank Herbert "Dune" ("Missionaria Protectiva" presenting the concept of the Bene Gesserit order to cultivate religious prejudices on backward planets to persuade the population to worship the prophets - religious engineering. "Long Dead and Disdained" is a direct reference to the defeat of the 2nd Shock Army in 1942 near Veliky Novgorod, when, after the capture of Commander General Vlasov, the heroic efforts of thousands of soldiers to break out of the encirclement were forgotten for a long time, and the dead lay in ditches for many years, waiting for their turn to be buried. "In Times of Grace, In Times of Demise" attempts to investigate post-traumatic stress disorder, when a person returns from war to ordinary life, not understanding who the enemy is now, and the battlefield is transferred to parks, restaurants and playgrounds.
Sergey Naydenov: "The inner need to be honest with ourselves is the main driver to do something further. With this approach, rock star laurels are not interesting - this is not our path and not our goal. It has always inspired and inspires to this day, and is the reason why Disadaptive was created as a death metal band - in the style we grew up with"

Line up:

Dmitry Sokolov - vocals

Sergey Naydenov - guitars, bass

Pavel Kakazanov - drums (session)

'To Walk the Path of the Damned",
December 2019 - January 2020
Recorded at PENTAGRAM HOUSE record studio
Mixing: Igor Batsov
Mastering: Konstantin Dolganov

'With Worms to Feast",
November 2020 - February 2021
Recorded at PENTAGRAM HOUSE record studio
Mixing and mastering: Igor Batsov

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