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Новейший миньон получил название 'With Worms To Feast' и выйдет на одном носителе с дебютной работой группы 'To Walk the Path of the Damned' (2020) в двух форматах:

- 6-панельный диджипак с 2-мя обложками, лимитированный тиражом в 100 копий, пронумерованными вручную + наклейка с лого группы + приятный бонус первым 20 покупателям.

- 30 аудио-кассет в картонном слипкейсе в стильном, олдскульном оформлении настоящего мрачного дэт-метала. Пронумерованы вручную.

There are two EP's under one cover - new release and previously unreleased EP ' To Walk the Path of the Damned' (2020) - in 2 formats:

LIMITED EDITION CD - 100 hand numbered copies in 6-panel digipack with 2 cover arts including 2 EP's + sticker with band logo + present from Svanrenne Music for the first 20 buyers - 15 EUR

LIMITED EDITION CASSETTES - 30 hand numbered audio cassettes in slipcase with old school death metal design for collectors of plague style - 20 EUR

New release is coming soon. Looking for news. DISADAPTIVE is a powerful old school death metal with melodic thrash-metal elements. Brutality and rush of AUTOPSY and BOLT THROWER, technical heaviness and straight of DEATH and CANCER. Sound of DISADAPTIVE is a mixing of Swedish and American styles of death metal, which is breaking down with tight guitars, impetuous temp and unexpectable composition decisions.