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Svanrenne Music is glad to announce new name in the roster - Зимний Шторм.

The harsh winters of the Baltic are embodied in the icy blue edition of the epic black metal album 'С​к​в​о​з​ь П​р​и​б​р​е​ж​н​ы​е Б​а​л​т​и​й​с​к​и​е Ме​т​е​л​и' ('Through the Coastal Baltic Snowstorms') by Зимний Шторм (Winter Storm) one-man band.

Bradpack, a cassette in the color of the destroyed hummocks of the Gulf of Finland, on tape - the greatness of the Russian North, dressed in charcoal atmospheric melodic black metal.

The circulation is strictly limited.

Царетворец - Мертвецы хоронят мертвецов

Tsars are made with blood, palace coups are carried out. Or impulses of the soul, perversely evolving into the creation of idols for themselves. But after the fire, only ashes remain.

Царетворец is straightforward black metal with fiery melodies and atmospheric melancholic post-black metal, incorporating all the best from Russian and Scandinavian examples of the genre. For connoisseurs of Morokh, Second to Sun, Downfall of Gaia.

Recording - Bestial Barlog Studio

Artwork - Rotten Fantom

Listen everywhere -

"The greatest trick was to convince and force life destroy life"

Cenobite build their Universe, filled with cruel sects, dirty offspring, hungry for pain and suffering, occult Orders, calling for Enlightenment through the renunciation of the flesh through its mortification. It is the atmosphere and some twisted, corrupted, tortured worlds that distinguish the old-school death metal band, hung with rusty cleavers, bloodied hooks and golden sigils as signs of belonging to a frighteningly otherworldly.

Listen to and order here:

CENOBITE: Konstantin Dolganov - bass, vocals, recording, mastering, mixing Pavel Isakov - guitar Andrey Andrianov - drums

Recording - SIC_SOUND Studio.

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