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There are two EP's under one cover - new release and previously unreleased EP ' To Walk the Path of the Damned' (2020) - in 2 formats:

LIMITED EDITION CD - 100 hand numbered copies in 6-panel digipack with 2 cover arts including 2 EP's + sticker with band logo + present from Svanrenne Music for the first 20 buyers - 15 EUR

LIMITED EDITION CASSETTES - 30 hand numbered audio cassettes in slipcase with old school death metal design for collectors of plague style - 20 EUR

Updated: May 3, 2021

New release is coming soon. Looking for news. DISADAPTIVE is a powerful old school death metal with melodic thrash-metal elements. Brutality and rush of AUTOPSY and BOLT THROWER, technical heaviness and straight of DEATH and CANCER. Sound of DISADAPTIVE is a mixing of Swedish and American styles of death metal, which is breaking down with tight guitars, impetuous temp and unexpectable composition decisions.

The Svanrenne Music is glad to announce about the start of partnership with Italian label Wanikiya Record/Promotion. Our collaboration will give the bands from the rosters more possibilities for promotion and distribution in both countries.

"This is news that always gives great hope in music. Music that has no borders! The music we love! The great work satisfactions! Let's add another big milestone and welcome Wanikiya Record to the family"

Wanikiya Records is a record label created by Mr.Jack with the passion for music and to promote artists all over the world. The Wanikiya Records promotes 360 ° Rock & Metal and more music and distributes albums in digital format on the world's best music stores. And it's a Press Office complete with everything! With collaborations with the best Webzine, Megazine, Radio and TV music from all over the world.