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In the early days of mutilation creation Cenobite was a studio project by Kostek Redneck (Konstantin Dolganov). Here was a place for detached works and gloomy tunes. This is how ‘Lament Configuration’ EP came about - the summary of horror movie semantics in terms of the death metal scene. 


After the Chamber of Torture freezing, the rest of the band members bring ‘The Lament Configuration’ to the table from the deepest depths and prepare cenobites to enter the world of the living. In the summer of 2020, line-up of Leviathan adepts is being selected to perform a new musical essence. The 6-song demo ‘Soul Torn Apart’ was recorded live and followed the lyrical concept of the first EP and become a starting point for qualifying Cenobite as a full-fledged band ready to perform live. In September, the first full-length album ‘Dark Dimenison’ was released via Svanrenne Music (Russia & CIA), featuring material from ‘Soul Torn Apart’ that was re-recording with more elaborate arrangements, adding new songs and an updated sound concept. The soldiers in the war against chaos and flesh are stepped on the path of devastation. 

Cenobite are: 

Konstantin 'Kstek Redneck' Dolganov - Bass, Vocals 

Andrey Andriyanov - Drums 

Pavel Isakov - Guitars 

Sergey 'Necrom' Philippov - Guitars

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