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A Brief History:
The idea for the studio project was born back in 2019. Slowly, the material started to come together, with initial riffs and storylines being conceived, which later became the basis for the lyrics. However, due to the busy schedules of the participants in other projects, the work came to a pause.
It wasn't until the spring of 2023 that the project began to take shape. Recordings emerged, and during the summer, artwork was drawn, and instruments were finalized. By late autumn, all the material was prepared for release.

A cruel world ruled by a mad tyrant, corroded from within by ambition and malice.
He annihilates anyone who stands in his way. His closest and most loyal followers meet their demise at his hands. The album is imbued with the darkness of dungeon captivity, the heat of battles, and the sorrow of solitude. 'Bones will be covered in ashes, under the stars in the fields. No suffering and pain, fear is unknown to the dead.

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