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Black winter strom is coming!

Svanrenne Music is glad to announce new name in the roster - Зимний Шторм.

The harsh winters of the Baltic are embodied in the icy blue edition of the epic black metal album 'С​к​в​о​з​ь П​р​и​б​р​е​ж​н​ы​е Б​а​л​т​и​й​с​к​и​е Ме​т​е​л​и' ('Through the Coastal Baltic Snowstorms') by Зимний Шторм (Winter Storm) one-man band.

Bradpack, a cassette in the color of the destroyed hummocks of the Gulf of Finland, on tape - the greatness of the Russian North, dressed in charcoal atmospheric melodic black metal.

The circulation is strictly limited.


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