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Brand new EP and announce of Edoma tour

The Edoma mini-album are hymns from the edge of the abyss, songs of sorrow and cold despair. In this guitar storm, you will feel how gusts of wind throw a rushing soul into the darkness of weakness and pain, an unshakable will returns the mind to light, the soul to faith. “Shadows of Cold Despair” are four steps of the ladder along which Edoma descends into the circles of betrayal and returns scorched, pure, evil, walking on the bones of the past, breaking the laws of nature like ice hummocks during a thaw. The deadly mob of the band found on this EP the final form of the cruelest sound of piercing guitars, roaring riffs and dousing with icy crumbs in solo parts.

The northern blizzard brought cold, snow and the tangible breath of death. Edoma breaks the ice, throwing black curses into the blizzard. 'Shades of Cold Despair' has arrived! The exclusive cassette edition is made in the colors of the banner of the pale horseman of the Apocalypse. Death itself touched the white rarities, leaving the imprint of its bony hand on them. Extreme fingerprinting was published by Svanrenne Music in limited edition.

On April 16th, a large-scale Edoma tour called “Northern Beasts” starts in conjunction with the blacksters Iskra. Don't miss a barrage of hellish fury in your city!


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