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Chamber of Torture 'Phantasms of the Bedlamite' is out now!

Svanrenne Music proudly presents the new album of the brutal orchestra of death.

Old school death metal that exists in the realities of 2022. Brutal outrage in a technologically adjusted sound. Terrifying, painful and heavy. The riffs of 'Phantasms of the Bedlamite' are like python coils tightening around the neck in the inevitable approach of the ringing crunch of the vertebrae. Headbanging in patches of snakeskin, dancing on bones, uncompromising and familiarity with Death itself - this is the new Chamber of Torture album. The Pale Crone, probably, herself is afraid of this outrageous genre orchestra that is playing in the name of Death. 'Phantasms of the Bedlamite' is Death Metal. Such as it was bequeathed by the forefathers.

Pavel Vahlakov (vocals): «There was a desire to make the album as aggressive as possible in both ways – musically and lyrically. Something, like a bridge between ‘Tomb of the Mutilated’ and ‘Butchered at Birth’. This album is not a conceptual - that is the difference from the our trilogy (‘Entorturement’, ‘Cadaverous Omen’ and ‘Necrodomain’). In that way it reminds us of our first album - it's just 10 hardest parts of Retro Death Metal stuff.

Digital order is available. Physical copies are coming soon. It will be insane edition by cruel death metal maniacs.


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