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The first initiation of 'Torment Your Flesh and Explore the Limits of Experience' on מאשין מיוזיק - Machine Music. Tomorrow at 17.00 CEST time.

Don't fear to touch the darkness with Cenobite' cultists!

The wheel of suffering, tightly fitted with chains to a bent figure, creates the impression of inevitability, fate, overcoming. The band continues the original tradition by writing some of the wickedest old school death metal anthems seasoned in a festival of atmospheric chilling empty cold torture basement. Where chains ring, bones rattle, drafts blow, and martyrs await their fate in mud and blood... in anticipation of the torment of the flesh and exploration of the limits of terrible experience.

The album will see the darkness on May 25, 2023.

Track list:

1. Filthy Glory - 4.17 2. Cenobite's Sigil - 2.31 3. Sores - 4.01 4. Master of Torment - 4.21 5. Infecting Mauler - 4.35 6. Tomb - 4.25 7. Doctrine of Purgation - 3.00 8. Chains and Hooks - 3.21 9. Festering Mutilation - 2.18 10. Keys of Logic - 6.37

Total: 39.22


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