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'Nature' is out now! Blackened post-metal one-man band Oredeza release debut album via Svanrenne

Oredeza — Nature

(2021 — Svanrenne Music)

atmospheric black metal || blackened post-metal || raw black metal || Lo-Fi


The man conquered the wilderness, at dawn it began to rain. The sun showed more and more flames and finally left the horizon. The man saw a kind of cavity in the tree. The worms wriggled there and, as it happens in the rain, crawled into nowhere. The person felt a touch, some inexplicable flow of energy. It permeated everything around, creating an aura of light. He moved further through the damp forest and suddenly saw the smoke. He stopped to breathe in the scent of the forest burning. The fire died down, the rain calmed him down. Towards noon, a man approached an old birch, put his palm on the bark and felt warmth enveloping him. Gaining strength, he moved on, the rain did not stop ... Coming out of the forest thicket, the man saw a mountain. It was beautiful, a slightly sloping top, individual trees, either pines or spruce. Birds flew over their peaks. The man saw the path and walked along it. Having climbed to the top, a beautiful waterfall opened before his eyes! He sat down contemplating it. He put his hand on the soil damp from the rain. The man was glad that this journey had led him to a wonderful radiance that illuminated the northern sky. The evening hum of the surrounding forest was pleasant and harsh at the same time. But the man was glad, because this trip opened a new path for him. The world of nature.

Oredeza was founded in 2016, main idea of music and influence is Nature All music by Sergey Dybov Recorded and mixed at home studio by Sergey Dybov in Saint-Petersburg, Russia Mastering by Efim Gordeev Cover art by Leonid Novikov

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