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Pre-order new Disadaptive album 'Apocryphal' coming out on 6th, September.

DISADAPTIVE is a powerful old school death metal with melodic thrash-metal elements. Brutality and rush of AUTOPSY and BOLT THROWER, technical heaviness and straight of DEATH and CANCER. Sound of DISADAPTIVE is a mixing of Swedish and American styles of death metal, which is breaking down with tight guitars, impetuous temp and unexpectable composition decisions.

Sergey Naydenov: "This time we decided to take a different approach to the process of recording material. The decision was made to minimize studio operations: for the guitar and bass, reamping of a previously recorded clean signal was used. Vocals were recorded at Pentagram House Studios in April, while the instrumental portion of the album was recorded between February and March 2022. One track, "Missionaria Protectiva", was taken from the previous release, the rest of the tracks were previously unreleased. Each song has its own separate lyrical component, in general, the range of topics is quite wide: somewhere there are references to operations on the western front of the Second World War, I'm talking about “A Silent Dawn”, and somewhere we are talking about space anomalies like the Eridani Supervoid, it's about "No Light from God". There are also references to literary sources, for example, the lyric part of "Crafted Abominations" is based on a short story by Guy De Maupassant "The Mother of Freaks", some of the lyrics have references to Orwell in "The Rifle Logic".

Track list:

Bleed to Earth (Intro)


Mentor From Beyond the Grave

Disciples of Impunity

The Rifle Logic

Crafted Abominations

A Silent Dawn,

Missonaria Protectiva,

No Light from God,

In Death's Cold Arms (Outro)

Ridden with Disease (bonus)


Written and Recorded in 2021-2022,

Vocals recorded at PENTAGRAM HOUSE studio in March 2022.

Mixed and Mastered by Konstantin Dolganov.


Dmitry Sokolov - vocals, lyrics.

Sergey Naydenov - guitars, bass, lyrics.

Guest appearance on "Ridden with Disease" (Autopsy Cover) - Andrey Andrianov, drums.

"Bleed To Earth (Intro)" and "In Death's Cold Arms" performed by Andrey Naydenov.

Release will be available in 4-panel digipak format with 16-pages booklet (matte lamination, varnishing). If you are interesting in buying, please, write on the mail -


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