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Russian Subterranean Doom Metal

Svanrenne music presents new compilation of russian doom metal bands. There are 120 songs for the three decades of local scene existing.

Recently there has been a number of different doom metal compilations representing the post-soviet doom metal scene. Yet our compilation was put together with a different and original concept. The idea was to showcase both post-soviet undergound doom metal, bands that borderline doom as well as to present some heavy doom-metal tracks of non-doom bands. That is why it has not only doom-metal acts but some doomy tracks by the bands from outside the doom scene. We have a number of well established old bands like Crunch, Catharsis and even Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATH, DIO) has recorded drums in to the song 'When The Devil Comes by Stonehand' (Russia). At the same time our compilation introduces many bands from the extreme underground to the listener. Most of them have an outside-of the box approach to songwriting and production.

The compilation was put together by Boris Travkin, Anton Bryukov and Vladimir Alekseev. Cover art by Aleksei Savitskiy (Godlikeikons studio)


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