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Sönma - 'Ether'

Svanrenne Music release cassette edition of album by drone/doom/ambient project Sönma.

'Ether' is a bunch of barely related sketches showing unachievable goals that are frozen in a static condition of endless trepidation. The indifference of the cold universe to all living creatures exposes trivial and tragic fates condemned to their own ambitions. The time is filled with paths that lead to no goals. The space is filled with unseen ether of worries and indifference

The band was started back in 2020 by members of Crust. The main concept is to play slow and heavy music blending together such styles as funeral doom, drone doom , using Sunn amplifiers and ambient. The lyrics are abstract united by the idea of the album. It's a homemade project and everything from recording to mastering we do with our own hands.

White cassette tapes in white case with lyrics and band photo in the booklet pitted into linen pouches (white or brown). Only 30 copies available.


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