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Screaming for Autopsy!

Disadaptive and Cenobite recorded their tribute to Autopsy. Bloody pray for gods of death metal, old school vision for immortal classic.

Sergei Naydenov (Disadaptive): "The composition is a kind of personification of the old school death metal style, one might say the "Bible of riffs", so we decided to take it up to pay our respects to the well-deserved veterans".

Andrey Andrianov (Cenobite): "To play what Chris Reifert invented and played is something special. He is the legend of death metal and, in fact, the father of drumming of this genre. When I've heard Death 'Scream Bloody Gore' for the first time, then drums were the first thing I noticed, although I hadn’t played drums yet. When this absolutely crazy guy put a microphone stand next to him and organized Autopsy, it became something completely unreal, blowing up the brain. "Ridden with Desease" is the best song on the best album of one of the best bands in the genre".

released September 17, 2021

Sergei Naydenov - bass, guitars Dmitry Sokolov - vocals Andrey Andrianov - drums

All music and lyrics by Autopsy Songwriters: Christopher Reifert || Eric Cutler

Konstantin Dolganov - mixing and mastering

Recorded at Sic_Sound Studio || Pentagram House


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