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Wintaar - Tear You Down

Despite quite the prolific activity in his main project Wintaar as well as many others, playing Black Metal for over ten years, WV never grew tired from the music genre he once chose and he continued playing it in more or less the traditional way. He never had the need for companions and he could release as many as ten full-length albums per year without worrying about anything other than the music itself. But in 2020 the situation has changed, when two permanent members joined the project - the guitarist known as Namiros, and EJC who took the role of the band's drummer and sound designer. Since the new members of the team couldn't always participate in the life of Wintaar, working on an album all together wasn't always an option. But "Tear You Down" became a full-fledged second full-length, where all three musicians have invested their skills in-full. WV considers this album a logical continuation of the "There Is No God In War" full-length, even though overall it leans towards a more aggressive feel, which by now not only dominates the project in the form of more dissonant riffs and structures, but in terms of lyrical themes as well.

The aggressiveness has reached its boiling point on this album and despite all songs being absolutely unlike one another, this can still be considered the heaviest and fastest work of Wintaar. Namiros uses solos that are non-typical for Black Metal, giving an almost blues feel to them; the drum lines and overall sound design have drastically improved since the music became more complex and technical. Despite everything mentioned before, at its core this is still Black Metal - only guitars, heart-rending and recognizable vocals along with a machine gun rhythm section. This time around everything sounds a bit more modern, yet it fits the presented music quite well, despite such a sound design never being used before or (as of now) after. It is hard to name any similar sounding bands; all members listen to a wide variety of musicians and even the listeners never really could name any bands that might have been a direct reference. It is safe to say that this album has a face of its own, a misanthropically-poisonous one, but musically this is sill Wintaar, who has long since quit singing about nature, who no longer plays Atmospheric Black Metal, but can still please extreme music fans with songs for every taste


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