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Theosophy is a Black Metal band from the heart of cold Siberia. The band was founded in 2004, but the project was frozen in ice till 2007. The band’s first release came in 2008 with Russian label Musica Production which was the first split-CD in the label’s history. Theosophy and Bizarrekult were the participants of this release and the CD received good feedback and distribution in all parts of the world, from Brazil to Japan.

In 2010, the band concentrated on live appearances with a new program and released their debut full-length album. The CD was called “…Out Of Decades” and was followed in 2011 by “In the Kingdom Of North”. Both albums were released on No Colours Records. During the making of their next album, the band decided to divide the new material and make a conceptual work, which was called “Eastland Tales”. The two parts were released in 2014 and 2016.

Throughout this period, the band have played various live shows and festivals as both headliners and support in Russia and in spring 2019, Theosophy made its first European tour across Poland and Czech Republic. Over the 2 weeks the band played 7.

Theosophy are participants of the official Therion tribute album. The 5th full-length release "Towers Of Dark Pantheon" was released in 2020 on Sliptrick Records. In 2022 Theosophy released the first live album "Live Pantheon" and expanded the concert geography.
In 2023 the band will release a new album “Bleeding Wounds of the First and the Last”.

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